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majicJack Voip Home Phone Service Review majicJack voip service ratings - Good Go to Official majicJack Site

majicJack Voip Why Should You Consider It:

  1. Price - Extremely affordable
  2. Unlimited local and long distance calling
  3. Includes a Phone Number
  4. Travels with you
  5. 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

  1. Need to have a PC/Laptop and it must be on to receive and make calls
  2. International calls must be pre paid.

majicJack Voip Rating:

majicJack Call Quality:
majicJack call quality rating - Excellent
majicJack Price:
majicJack price rating - Very Good
majicJack Customer Service:
majicJack customer service rating - Excellent
majicJack Overall Rating:
majicJack voip service ratings - Excellent

majicJack Unlimited Home Phone Plan:

1 Year Contract

  • Unlimited Calls in the US/Canada/PR
  • $39.95 plus S&H for 1 Year
  • Additional Yaer can be added for $19.95
  • No Set UP Fee
  • 30 Day Free Trial
The 1 Month Risk Free Trial. There is no set up fee or contract, the voip adapter is free. Shipping is $9.95.

How majicJack Works:

Its very simple. You plugin the magiJack(the device) to one of the USB ports on a pc or laptop that is connected to the internet. The other end of magicJack has a standard phone jack. You connect your regular phone the the other end of the majicJack. The device installs the voip software on its own like any usb drive that you plug in to your pc. In 2 minutes you can make and receive calls on your regular phone.

The only catch, your pc needs to be up and running always. If you your pc is down or the majickJack isn't connected to the pc, incoming calls goes to your majickJack provided voicemail that you can retrive later.

How is MajicJack Service different from Skype

Skype is a softphone service, which mean you need to install the Skype softphone software and use the pc's mike and speaker to speak and listen during the call. Or you buy a special phone from Skype. With majicJack, you use your regular phone

How is MajicJack different from other Voip Services

Other voip services send you voip adapter that gets connected to the internet. So with those services you don't need to have a computer for your phone service. But majicJack doesn't have a separate voip adapter and depends on a computer connected to the internet to route calls.

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majicJack Phone Service Features

Call Waiting
Caller ID
Caller ID w Name
Caller Waiting ID
Call Hold
Speed Dial List
E911 Service
Call Forwarding
Find Me, Follow Me
Simultaneous Ring
3-Way Conference Calling
Adjustable Ring Length
Contact List
Block List
Out of Area Number
Call Log Viewer
Do Not Disturb
Anonymous Caller Rejection
Direct International Dialing
Speed Dialing
Call Return

Overall majicJack Rating:

majicJack phone service has many robust features that majicJack offers on its business voip plans but priced at par with other home voip phone service providers. These advanced features make the home service plan extremely desirable. majicJack home phone plan has two calling plans (unlimited calling and 250 minutes calling) at three price points. Its robust features like simultaneous call forwarding, calling rules based on caller id, click to call service, voicemail to text, fax send etc makes the service suitable for home offices, small businesses also.

Call Quality: majicJack's call quality is clear and compares favorably with the best.

Support: US Based customer support center.

Account Management: Fully automated online portal for account managemnt anf sending faxes.

International Calls:majicJack has low international calling rates. Check the majicJack Site for detailed pricing.


majicJack Phone Plan At a Glance

majicJack Plans Yearly
Description Unlimited calls in US/Canada
Monthly Fee $39.95/Yr
Setup Fee $0
Contract 1 Year
Shipping $9.98
Basic Features
Voice Mail majicJack voicemail FREE
Caller ID majicJack caller id FREE
Call Waiting majicJack call waiting FREE
3 Way Calling majicJack 3 way calling FREE
Keep Your Number majicJack number portabilityNominal Fee
Long Distance FREE - US/Canada
Voicemail to Text majicJack voicemail FREE
Additional Details
Order majicJack Home Phone Service Sign up

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majicJack User Reviews:

Reviewed by: Jayne F On Monday, April 2, 2012 - 9:05am
Not Recommended. We purchased majicJack based on all the glowing PC magazine reviews, but what a disappointment! majicJack works okay until it drops your call. This can happen after 20 minutes of talking or after only five minutes. After using majicJack for one full day, six out of six calls were dropped. I tried changing phones, but calls still dropped. Worst thing was that there was no indication that I was dropped (the handsets showed there was still a connection), so I kept on talking until I asked a question and did not get a response from the other person. We were planning on using majicJack as a backup home phone, but the dropped calls are a major problem that makes majicJack useless.

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